P2P betting

We do not want THE PIT to be closed to anyone without a PIT NFT, we understand that committing to NFT ownership is not something that is always done lightly and not everybody will necessarily want to own NFT.
To facilitate this we will open up our high stakes PIT battles that take place in the fabled Neolysium to P2P betting. Neolysium will in essence be the exclusive “VIP Lounge” of THE PIT and battles will always be streamed on our Twitch providing a fun experience for those not participating.
Bets will be handled by ESCO smart contracts, these will temporarily store crypto wagered until the end of the battle. At this point the smart contract will verify the winner, execute and distribute the winnings, including royalties to the holders of the competing NFTs.
Unifying the features of the Roadmap will culminate with the enabling of PvP (Player vs. Player) wagering, where players will be allowed to create their own lobbies and set their own parameters for prize pools, entrants and stakes.
Last modified 6mo ago
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