Tournament Format

S1 should be considered to be an open beta where tournaments and scheduling are operating under an experimental format. We are endeavouring to optimise the system by adjusting parameters throughout the first season until we find the perfect matchmaking formula.
Initial lobby sizes are for now limited to one hundred entrants with a restriction on the number of PIT Creatures per wallet per tournament. Between each tournament there will be a fixed time interval in which holders can queue for subsequent battles.
For six out of seven days per week, there will be five tournaments of varying size and scope, these are described in the following subsections.

FFA battles

FFA battles are available to anyone with a PIT NFT, irrespective of rarity. The total prize pool for these tournaments in the first three weeks of S1 is 2 ETH, distributed among the top finishing PIT Creatures with gaming accessories and PIT merchandise also in contention.

The FFA (Rarity)

Governed by the same rules as the normal FFA’s with entry bounded by rarity and a prize pool of 1 ETH.

Qualifiers for PIT Masters Invitational

Hosted throughout the week, the top 5 will not only receive merch but also earn a spot in the illustrious “PIT Masters Invitational”, hosted once a week with the chance to win 10 ETH.

PIT Masters Invitational

The exclusive tournament for the top finishers in each Qualifier where the prize pool is an enormous 10 ETH. This is to be held once a week on a Sunday as a standalone tournament.
Fig 5.0. Weekly tournament schedule