Tommy Ngo

Tommy studied Neuroscience at King’s College London and is the creative brains behind THE PIT. Tommy carefully balances the best of both worlds between creativity and technological acumen. Tommy's commitment to the project has been second to no-one and his leadership qualities have evolved in unison with his vision.

Hewie Rattray

Hewie started his career as a self-made stockbroker before successfully launching his own company, Kiyo Capital. Hewie is an expert on NFTs and blockchain technologies and his entrepreneurial talents and industry know-how have allowed THE PIT to evolve from a concept into a reality.

Quan Nguyen

Quan studied Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering at Staffordshire University (yes that means he’s quite literally a rocket scientist). Quan manages operations at Kodoku and is the linchpin that enables the machine to run smoothly. Quan can be found doing anything from installing furnishings to running giveaways on our social media.

Nick David

Nick is the company Renaissance man, graduating with a degree in Classics from Oxford, Nick is a tried and tested strategist, networker, consultant and most importantly a gamer. Nick has been the primary mover and shaker behind the scenes and has added a professional competence to the production of THE PIT.
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