The alpha version of our token $Pitcoin will be earnable by competing in PIT battles with $PIT distributed among participants and awarded based on position and battle statistics. At the conclusion of S1, $PIT will be exchangeable for NFT stat buffs and S2 NFTs.
During S2 $PIT tokens will have a greater purpose in the wider context of THE PIT, being harvestable objects with ETH based SC's, $PIT will be distributed via SC interactions based around NFT staking in The Dungeon.
In order to promote decision making and to counter players farming $PIT token, allocation will be governed by risk based staking and taxation.
As well as the aforementioned uses, to truly encourage a $PIT based economy, tokens may be usable in our store where metaverse items are purchasable as well as upgrades to the dashboard.
Last modified 6mo ago
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