AI and mechanics
Fig 4.1. AI decision tree
Currently the beta version of THE PIT is a purely simulated battle royale without real-time user input. This will be updated in the post-beta although we still believe it is important to provide an accurate description of how the AI functions and how Creature behaviour is determined.

Initial state after spawn

At the start of each PIT simulation, Creature sprites are spawned in randomly generated positions on the map. Immediately the sprites enter the selector branch as visualised on Fig. 4.21 - 4.22 and behave in response to the environmental stimuli.
Fig 4.21. Selector branch
Fig 4.22. Selector branch
Fig 4.3. The decision tree leaf behaviour

Combat sequences

Behaviour is scripted sequences in accordance to the surrounding environment. These sequences are illustrated in Fig 4.3.


If no enemy is within the sprites range of vision it will move in a random direction avoiding obstacles until an enemy is encountered.


If an enemy is within range of vision then the sprite will move in a straight line towards the target, until it is within combat range where it will attack the target.


If a sprite is being hunted it will either move to a random position or away from the attacker.


Once a fight has started the weakest Creatures will attempt to escape having the chance to stop attacking the hunter or start an evade sequence.
All of the above behaviours are being implemented in an effort to balance the battle simulation to the highest possible degree.