Transparency and security

We are well aware of the frequency with which the NFT community has been targeted by scams which have left many of us hesitant with respect to new projects. Kodoku is committed to forming a transparent relationship with the community and it is for this reason we have taken measures to ensure that everything is exactly as it seems.
All PIT battles will be streamed in real-time via livestreams on Twitch with corresponding streams displaying the code on YouTube. The source code for the gameplay loops will also be available on our github as open source.
We understand that the offchain nature of the game might lead to a degree of skepticism with regards to tamperproofing. It is for this reason that we intend to employ the use of secure enclaves in post-beta versions of the game. We hope that this additional security will help to grow the trust between ourselves and the community.

Blockchain Agnosticism

Another of our long term goals is to strive towards blockchain agnosticism, potentially enabling the use of altcoins such as TEZ and SOL to be used in concord with our platform. We are currently researching token bridges so that we can ensure $PIT can operate on a cross-chain basis.
We are excited by the evolution of different BC and DLT technologies and do not want to be restricted by the use of a singular BC protocol. Another motivation is the desire to curb expenditure on gas fees during transactions.