Linking your wallet
Fig 1. The landing page
To play THE PIT, the NFT holder must select and enter their PIT Creatures from a MetaMask wallet. This can be installed as a plugin with any browser.
This wallet can be connected through the official website, following the successful connection of the MM API with the website UI. The site will display a notification to inform the user that their NFTs are ready for battle.
With the holder's wallet connected, the UI will read the associated NFT smart contracts such that they can be verified for PIT battles. Only PIT NFTs are currently recognised via this contract and therefore only PIT Creatures are enterable for PIT engagements.
Once the user has connected they will have access to the dashboard where they can
  • View upcoming battles with a live countdown.
  • View their PIT Creatures in their wallet.
  • Log out and disconnect their wallet.
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