Entering THE PIT

The lobby

Fig 2.1. Pre-battle UI
Fig 2.2. NFT selection
The number of enterable PIT Creatures per wallet will be capped at four so that the odds will never be greatly stacked in one holder's favour. After each battle, Creatures will be subject to a “cooldown period” where they will be ineligible for entry into consecutive PIT battles.
This feature has been implemented in the hope that this will support strategizing and gamesmanship between players with regards to their decision making in selecting when and which NFTs they select for entry.
At the end of the battle the UI displays a scoreboard ranking the top Creatures.
Fig 2.3. Post-battle UI
When an NFT participates in battle $PIT will be awarded. Floor level rewards are granted for participation with allocations increasing correlating to position and battle stats.
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