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THE PIT is an arena simulator inspired by the likes of RimWorld,, Dwarf Fortress and Oxygen Not Included. Holders of NFT (non-fungible token) PIT Creatures are able to compete in PIT battles for the chance to win lucrative prizes as well as accrue status and glory within THE PIT.
All artwork for THE PIT has been sourced from independent artists; in the future we would love to collaborate with community members so as to stand as a platform for promoting original and talented artists.
Kodoku has had the luxury of developing THE PIT without the need for crowdfunding, having received venture capital backing and the support of Pioneer. This has enabled us to concentrate fully on giving and not taking from the community. We aim to continue with this philosophy heading into the future.
At launch THE PIT may be categorised under the growing genre of “Play-2-Win” (P2W) games wherein gameplay presents the chance for players to win prizes, ranging from cryptocurrency and in-game tokens to real-world items.
Players in THE PIT Season 1 (S1) will be able to enter battles with no entry fees meaning that owning a PIT Creature alone will grant entry into numerous tournaments.
$PITcoin ($PIT) tokens are to be awarded to all participants and will be exchangeable for stat boosts and second mint NFTs.
In the future, even non-holders will also be able to benefit from PIT battles with a wagering feature implemented.
NFT gaming represents an exciting turning point for the metaverse, unifying bleeding edge blockchain technologies with the long established video game world. While a large number of the public at large might perceive NFTs as something of a novelty, we here at Kodoku have no such pretensions - we envision a future where digital ownership takes on a new level of importance.
The truth is, NFTs are not such a newfangled phenomenon as the last decade has seen the rise of in-game items in popular games such as Counterstrike, Team Fortress 2 and even the FIFA series.
In reality, the launch of THE PIT marks the first steps on a long roadmap where the journey has only just begun.
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